Buying New? Always Use an Agent

ALWAYS use your own Broker/Agent; doing so will help ensure that you get what you want. Understand that the sales reps you meet at a new construction community are likely really representatives of the Seller – the Builder, corporate owners, developers, whomever – that are there to present their product, answer your questions … and do the best job for the Seller that they can.

YOU want the same thing, but from your standpoint. You want to see the product, get your questions answered, but have your needs be number one. By using your own Broker/Agent, you can be assured that there’s no conflict of interest.

Most importantly, if at all possible, be sure to contract with a Broker/Agent before you start shopping. Often the policies at a community require that your agent be present at the first showing and then at every showing. If they’re not, you may find yourself working with the site rep even if you didn’t intend to do so. And your agent, who comes along later, may not get paid either – or perhaps will be paid a significantly less amount because the site rep was the person who registered you.


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