staging pic 1Everyone wants a home that is warm, comforting, and relaxing — so it’s no surprise surveys have found that homes that are staged tend to sell in half the time that non-staged houses do!

What is home staging? It means houses are specifically decorated in an aesthetic to attract buyers. But for a lot of people, hiring an expensive home staging service just isn’t in the budget. I totally understand that, after all, you are trying to sell your home, not spend more money. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do yourself to polish your home and make it sale-ready. In fact, doing a little staging prep can get you a much better sale price. Here are three of my favorite quick hacks for staging a home for sale:

  • Make your buyers feel welcome — literally. You want to entice people before they walk through the front door, especially as they sometimes have to linger around the front while waiting for realtors or on their way out. Buy a fresh, new welcome mat that reflects the style of your home. Make sure the front door has a fresh coat of paint, and add greenery around the entry, both outside and inside. Keep the lawn trimmed and cared for to increase curb appeal. This signals that the home is cared for and welcoming. After all, first impressions are everything!
  • Use mirrors and be strategic about it. Every house has small washrooms or hallway corners where there isn’t a lot of light. I’ve found that hanging mirrors around the space not only pulls in more light, especially when placed across or near windows, but will make the area or room look more spacious. Buying mirrors with artful frames can also enhance the overall room aesthetic. The best part is that mirrors can be purchased from any major retailer at budget-friendly prices. I’ve even found cute framed mirrors in discount dollar stores!
  • Remove personal items and declutter. The less of you reflected in the home space, the better chance the buyers have of picturing themselves in it. Remove as many personal pictures of yourself, family, or friends as possible, and replace them with artwork to add color and design. You also want to take as much clutter out as possible — buyers can be distracted by stuff just as much as they can personal photos. This is especially true in the bathroom and kitchen spaces; remove everything from the counter tops except the bare necessities. You always want buyers to be picturing their stuff and their lives in the space. I’ve even found that medicine cabinets are opened by potential buyers, so you’ll want to declutter there, too.

I understand that selling your home is already a complicated process, but staging shouldn’t be an afterthought. The main point of staging is to make a buyer truly see themselves in the space they are viewing, and that doesn’t always have to require expensive services or major renovations. For more information on staging or selling your home, always feel free to contact me at RE/MAX Landmark–or leave your best staging tips in the comments below!

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RE/MAX Landmark
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